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People are getting our save the dates in the mail! Eeeek it’s real! :D


While the lovely Gator Bride collects art - M and I seem to collect pets! This post and recent events have inspired me to tell you how, why, and what M and I “collect”.. and why it’s such a problem! 

While we do collect art from vacation destinations like Mrs. Gator and Mr. Knight do, we simply just do not go on enough vacations. We have a few pieces from the Caribbean, and some stuff from upstate New York, but nothing super fancy like her beautiful bathroom octopus! Furthermore, we don’t live in our own home so we can’t show off any of our super cool art. We’re working on it though.

What we do have, and are very proud of, are our pets. We consider our pet “collection” to extend to pets owned by out parents, because honestly - most of them have dogs because we begged for them before we had the wits and money to own our own. 

In our lives we have a total of seven pooches (soon to be eight!) and we love them all to death. Three of the seven have declined to be photographed due to embarrassment — they’re greatly in need of grooming and aren’t keen on being seen in such disarray.

First and foremost we have Sir Rickity - M’s moms 160lb Newfoundland. He’s approximately 5 years old and snuggly as can be. He has all kinds of funky quarks such as not exiting through the doggy door unless he goes out from under the table (we had to get a bar height dining room table because of this), and he absolutely refuses to go into the lower level of our split floor dwelling. He was adopted from a breeder to ensure the longest life possible, because big dogs don’t have the longest lifespans and we dislike it when dogs pass away. Overall, he’s an exceptional dog… if you don’t mind the drool.

Next we have “The Poodles” - Two toy poodles.

Rambizzle - Black, Male, 15lbs. This dog will lick you until your skin falls off. He’s crazy! Oddly enough, this little bugger is the Alpha in the house, and he’s kind of a jerk about it, but the fly swatter (smacked nearby when he is being bad - the noise gets him every time) does the trick.

Annifer - White and brown, Female, Approx 4lbs. Her bark will go through you like nails on a chalk board, and she barks often. She barks so much that M’s moms seriously considered getting her de-barked (something we’re usually against) because it is so bad… lo and behold, she is TOO SMALL for that surgery. Bummer. Other than that, however, she is a very kind, sweet, and loving dog. I enjoy her company greatly when she’s not yapping her brains out.

The poodles like to sit on the back of the couch and lick your ears, drink out of your cup when you’re not looking.. and we got these little angels from a breeder.

These three dogs breeding, transport, and previous medical issues probably total about $5000.

M and my dog, Liberty Bell, is a 40lb Boxer mix and the joy of my life. We adopted her from a wonderful rescue called MidAtlantic Bully Buddies. They were amazing and I would definitely recommend adopting from them. LB has brought serious joy to my life and I’m so excited to update you all on her (expected) graduation from puppy class. She really is the best. Sleeps under the covers, super trusting, most amazing dog in the world.

Liberty Bell cost us a whopping $200 adoption fee, fully vaccinated and spayed.

The final dog that is living in my current residence is Dori - our recently found pup! She was found on the side of the road and was picked up by a girl M and I went to high school with. She posted a picture on facebook, said her mom is making it leave the house within the next 24 hours and that she was taking it to the pound. M and I being the avid dog lovers that we are, mixed with the fact that she is obviously a pit mix, couldn’t stand the thought of this little baby pup going to the county pound and not ever being adopted out… so we saved her! We’ll know more about her soon enough. She is winning us over with her charm!

If we keep her, Dori will probably end up costing the same inital fee’s as Liberty Bell because we don’t know if she’s vaccinated and she is definitely not spayed. We may not keep her. It is likely that we will contact MidAtlantic Bully Buddies and foster her until we can find her forever home. 

My parents took two dogs (who they own because of me) with them to Texas. I was heartbroken when they left, but I know that they are in good hands. 

Sophie came to us because our previous dog, Brewster, passed away and the house was too lonely for me. She is some kind of shepherd mix and is probably the most trusting dog I’ve ever met. This girl will fall off the couch if you’re not careful. We found her in a listing on craigslist and went to see her. Her situation was so deplorable that we paid $100 to take her home even though she wasn’t what we were looking for. She became my moms dog immediately and never looked back.

Max came to us because I wanted another dog. I wanted a dog to be mine. I went to the pound and there he was, 9 weeks old and ready for love! He was a stray. I begged and pleaded and $45 later he was mine. :) I tried hard to do all of the work, but I had three jobs and school when we adopted him so my dad started to “help out” and another one bites the dust… he’s my dads dog. 

Currently, we’re working on getting M’s dad and step-mom to adopt another dog since their dog passed away a year or so ago. 

These are our dogs.

This is why we do not vacation.

I fully expect to buy a house to accommodate my dogs. I expect I will choose my career based on whether or not I can reasonably live in a place with a huge yard and no breed restrictions. I guess you could call me a dog lady. But M encourages and enjoys this as much (if not more) than I do. 

We vehemently advocate RESCUING rather than going to a breeder. It’s the way to go. It just makes you feel good. And it’s something you and your significant other can do together. 

Do you guys have any pets? As many as I have in my family? Where did you get them from?


A friend of ours found a dog on the side of the road… her mom made her get rid of her. Guess who took her home?

Liberty Bell - 10 months old, about to graduate puppy class. The worst was over.

No Name - Approx 4 months old, 20lbs of pure trouble.

Maybe we can find her previous owner. Maybe?

Pictures to follow. 


Today in class we were discussing Julie Powell of the Julie/Julia Project and someone brought up her infidelity and one of my classmates said, “That’s what happens when you marry your high school sweetheart.” I have to admit that up to this point I wasn’t really paying attention so it took a few minutes for this comment to truly sink in. Class ended and I didn’t realize how I actually felt about this comment until I was in my car. Fortunately for all of us, I had a nice hour and 15 minute commute to collect my thoughts.

I cannot disagree more with that statement. What happens when you marry your high school sweetheart? Automatic infidelity? Heartbreak? An unhappy and unhealthy marriage? No. Those things occur when at least one of the two people involved decide they no longer want to work on their relationship. Marrying your high school sweetheart really is no different than marrying the person you met in college, or at work, or where ever. It just means you’ve known each other longer, that you’ve cared enough to make it work through the absurdities that college presents, and that (if you’re really in a good, healthy relationship) you’ve probably avoided the high possibility of contracting an STI. A high school sweetheart is just a person you happen to be in a relationship with that you met when you were younger.

Marriage has little to nothing to do with when you met the person you’re marrying. It has everything to do with a decision to commit to a person for the rest of your life. Agreeing to get married is agreeing to deal with each others bullshit, wash each others laundry, sit in the same room together when you have gas, deal with the dreaded in-law’s, laugh together, possibly make children together, and so much more. How that decision is affected by meeting each other in high school is truly beyond me. 

Marriages fall apart and infidelity occurs when one or both of those people decides they don’t want to wash the laundry, smell the farts, or any of the other shitty things involved in marriage. When people stop working on their marriage, the marriage falls apart. End of story. That can happen to two people who met in Vegas on a Friday and were married by Sunday, or to people who met while studying abroad during their junior year of college, or to two people who met and fell in love in high school. The only guarantee for disaster is a lack of effort. And I resent people who assume otherwise. 

I hope that people stop and think about what they say before they say it. I personally know many couples who met in high school and are very much in love today. My parents recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. They are both are in their early 40’s. You do the math. M’s parents have an especially wonderful dynamic. His mom and dad, who met and fell in love in high school, eventually divorced, but still have a wonderful relationship. His mother is now in a very happy and successful with her best friend from elementary school. They will be the most amazing and supportive mothers-in-law ever. 

My point is that it works if you work at it. And M and I do and will continue to work at it every day. 


Cutest. Idea. Ever.


I found it on Etsy. Simply adorable. I just might order some.


This weekend two of my bridesmaids and I went dress shopping. We took a trip in to Baltimore because we had an appointment at the lovely Bella Bridesmaid salon. We found the PERFECT dress there! I just love love love it! I can’t wait until the rest of my bridesmaids can try it on!

You can also find the dress on the designers website.


This is what I was talking about. <3 Ah-mazing.


The “year of musicals” skit/mix on the Oscars definitely made my weekend. “Tiny ball of light” … goodness. Amazing. Love Ron Weasley. Love love love.

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